Sort order is not good

I launched Appnr 3days ago.

Currently, Appnr show packages based on GNOME Application Istaller(Add/Remove) on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS for x86 architecture. And sorted by installs based on Ubuntu popularity contest.

Popularity contest?
See Software Sources -> Statistics

No worries about the version of Ubuntu and architecture, because Appnr is just a interface. However, sort order is not good… Python are most popular, yes, everyone installed, yes, by default.

I may add feature,

  • sort by name
  • love button
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Appnr Launches!

Appnr Launches

Appnr is a web-based tool and a service that install applications on Ubuntu.

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Appnr coming soon!

I am developing the Web interface for the AptURL on the

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