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Appnr in Launchpad

I pushed up source code of Appnr to Launchpad.net. PROJECT’S PAGE: https://launchpad.net/appnr
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New version coming soon

Long time no see, I will update Appnr in next month.
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Appnr vague schedule

I launched Appnr 29days ago and got a lot of feedback. Arigatou everyone. Appnr have vague schedule… Current, I focus to development to database structure and backends system for good execution performance. Next week, Changing APT source list in appnr to Ubuntu 8.10 and updating package information. Next month or after, Adding package download links. [...]
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Recording install clicks

Recording install-clicks. This is a testing to new feature.
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Sort order is not good

I launched Appnr 3days ago. Currently, Appnr show packages based on GNOME Application Istaller(Add/Remove) on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS for x86 architecture. And sorted by installs based on Ubuntu popularity contest. Popularity contest? See Software Sources -> Statistics No worries about the version of Ubuntu and architecture, because Appnr is just a interface. However, sort order [...]
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Appnr coming soon!

I am developing the Web interface for the AptURL on the appnr.com
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